WOD: 7-31-12

WOD:  July Baseline:  For max reps

Calorie Row
Wall Balls
Power Snatch


Things you need to do and know…

  1. There will be an alternate workout tomorrow
  2. August is my birthday month (very important)
  3. I will be turning 28
  4. Watch the Olympics
  5. I will remain perfect in this year as well
  6. Six is one more than five
  7. If you did not weigh under 105 lbs. and did a 250 Clean and Jerk, you did not win the gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting
  8. That is just about a 2.5 body weight Clean and Jerk
  9. Those gymnasts you see can do Muscle Ups, in case you were wondering
  10. Ten is a good number of things to have on a list

Eleven would have been overkill,




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